Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Best Way To Begin a Story

The best way to begin a story is to...

...start in the middle of the action.

This is best because you don't need to do a 'build-up'--the story is simply THERE.

Action creates drama. Drama brings conflict. Without conflict we don't have a story.

In the photo above, we have the owner of a shiny new car. He is taking it for a spin for the first time when he is interrupted by some musicians crossing the road.

How does he react? Does he get angry? How does that anger manifest itself? Why is he in a hurry?

Is he late for work? Is he late for Stormtrooper duties? Maybe he is looking for two droids that are on the run. If he doesn't arrive to work on time, maybe he might not meet the other characters in the story, Obi Won and Luke in the hovercraft uttering the infamous words, "these are not the droids you are looking for."

More importantly, his boss might frown on his lateness.

But since when have bosses been sympathetic? Hehe.

To recap, you have a story in front of you: hunting two droids, as told from the Stormtrooper's point of view.

What do his mates think of his new car...? Etc etc...

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