Tuesday, 12 February 2013

How five layers of clothing keeps you warm on a cold day.

It has been very cold recently, which has made life uncomfortable. On days like these, it makes sense to look for solutions. Hot drinks are a good idea, but they are something of a short-term remedy. Do drink tea, anyway--the antioxidants are very good for you.

Your room should be warm. You need a good source of heat, such as a radiator or a fireplace. Here's how it's done.

Sitting next to a piping hot radiator is a good idea. Blankets and throws trap the heat, as this cat, above--the star of Waylon Comics--demonstrates....

Wearing layers of clothes help: I personally wear five a day and this always keeps me warm. Granted, you may be the subject of ridicule, but at least you're not cold. If you are a cat, you might find it helpful to puff out your fur...

haha...just joking. Wrap up well. 

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