Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Introducing my first draft: why you will never get it right first time round.

Alien--my comic strip, based on the movie of the same name.

The comic strip is a first draft, just to show what it looks like first time round. Of course, this is a rough draft--some cartoonists or comic strip artists draw the layout, composition and storyboard in pencilled scribbles, but I like to use a felt pen. It gives a finished look to the comic.

The layout for the comic is good. There is a sense of structure, however the comic is somewhat let down by the dialogue in the last three boxes--this is why this is a first draft: you will not get it right first time round, especially if you do not work to a written script, like I did up there.

I drew this quickly before I would forget the dialogue (although in the end, I didn't think it was very good, but a good starting point for draft two). I do like the composition, though--appropriate for a strip with little space in the frames.

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